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How to get related content/find connections among my notes?



So, I have a bunch of folders with a bunch of notes, very nice. 


I use web clipper too. So when I clip something, yes, the Evernote window suggests that some content may  be related. Sometimes it's correct, sometimes not so much.  But it's very useful when it's correct.


How do I take an existing note and say to Evernote: "Here's this note … look through everything in all my notebooks and tell me if you think anything's related?"




Notebook A concerns apples: notes on varieties, vendors, recipes.

Notebook B concerns bananas: notes on varieties, vendors, recipes.

And so on for citrus, dates, etc.



I'd like to take my note of apple vendors and see if any of those vendors appear elsewhere in any other notebook.  Find the connections, you know? "Evernote, you see my list of all my apple vendors?  Do any of these vendors appear in notes about bananas, citrus, dates … etc"




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@greencracker:  That's a GREAT idea!!


Perhaps Evernote could add a Search operator named "Related:" (or something similar)

Then if we entered Related: in the Search box, Evernote would search for Notes related to the currently selected Note, or Notes, or even the selected Notebook.


The cool thing with this approach is that we could further restrict the search by adding more search terms, like:

Related:  Created:20130101  Tag:Taxes


So this would return Notes related to the selection that were created on/after Jan 1, 2013, and have a Tag of "Taxes"


That could be very useful.

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I think "context" is doing something similar, but how to make it appear, lol?  


Sometimes when I click on a note, a little box appears in the corner offering me context, like WSJ articles and/or my own notes.


But where's the button that says "show context?"  


I can't figure out what makes it appear sometimes and sometimes not. 

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