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I was very pleased with the OLD Penultimate.  However, the NEW is not as user friendly and there are many features i don't like.

When scrolling with 2 fingers, if I don't do it just right I end up with a big mark through my note.  

When I am writing or printing...there are lots of blank spots where the letters were not completed.

I have to agree with many of the other posts I have seen concerning the NEW Penutlimate.


I don't need all the frills and special bells and whistles.  I enjoyed the program where I could put my notes into notebooks and turn the pages to whatever page I needed to get to.


I want to be able to write or print with the stylus...  plain and simple.


I will be waiting and watching to see what the "NEW" upgrades may bring.  Hopefully, back to the simple and basic.


Thank you.



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