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Version 6.0.1 for Mac is virtually illegible



I'm sorry, but this evening's update to my iMac running Yosemite has resulted in a virtual whiteout!


Perhaps Evernote is adhering to some Apple Yosemite conventions, but this is a major step in the wrong direction for me.


Unless I can revert to a legible version, I'm afraid this is the beginning of a search for an alternative, after a considerable number of happy years..





I managed to improve things to a just readable level by going to System Preferences/Accessability and disabling 'Reduce Transparency' and moving 'Display Contrast' to minimum. Both of which seem to be named the opposite of what one might expect.

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White Noteboox on a white background .... are they kidding?   I thought the brown was bad but... I have to admit that I have a hard time seeing this under normal lighting.  Is there a way to alter the colours?  Or....is that just for premium subscribers?



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I have to echo this!  There's been a lot written about how the Yosemite "minimalist" look is really difficult for the prebyopic crowd.  Tech folks are often young, but won't always be that way! (And there are LOTS of us boomers who will look for alternatives if we can't configure our devices and software so we can actually see what we're looking at!)


Come on, Evernote, give us the opportunity in preferences to thicken up the lines!

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