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Evernote for Mac v6.0 and v6.0.1



Today we released version 6.0 for the Mac App Store and 6.0.1 for direct download customers.


First off, Mac App Store customers are going to get all of the really cool benefits and features that direct download customers have had for a month.  This means faster sync, improved note editing with resizable tables and images, work chat, presence, context where one can see content related to their notes, and great new presentation mode features.


The other huge update is a sleek new Yosemite look for Evernote.  We previewed some of this at the Evernote Conference last month.  This means we’ve taken out the black side bar and changed it to the cool translucent Yosemite look and feel, took out all of the textures and big icons and switched them to clean and simple designs and in addition everything has higher contrast and is easier to read.  Overall the word “clean” comes to mind when you see the new design.  I really like it and we hope you do to.


We also continue to fix issues and improve existing features.


Work Chat Improvements

  • We now have pop-ups and some visuals to educate customers about work chat.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with the chat window and continue to polish the look.
  • Added support for sharing notebooks via work chat.
Bug Fixes

  • Improved handling of really long URLs which used to make the note extend off the screen.
  • Lots of other miscellaneous bug fixes

Why is the Mac App Store version different?

  • We had to submit the Mac App Store version of Evernote to Apple some time ago for their review and approval so we could release it today.
  • The direct download version includes the changes we've made in the last week.
  • We'll submit 6.0.2 to Apple today for release next week.

As always, please post feedback to this new release on this thread to make it easier for me to spot issues.  Also state whether you’re using the Mac App Store version or the Direct Download Version since they are different.


You can also download the software at: http://bit.ly/14SxwPz
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Now I can't edit any of my notes in Mac I get a cursor but can't type, and they're still changing the titles all over to Untitled every time I touch a note. This is the worst Evernote update ever and couldn't have happened at a worst time when I have a long weekend and lots of time to do some organizing with Evernote. 

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P.S. It's kind of funny because on Twitter the new design is getting generally great reviews maybe because one can't write too much  :) .


OK, I'm going to show my age here.  I really don't know, but my bias is that most people on Twitter are very young, and not that seriously engaged.  You can probably tell I don't use Twitter.


I'm thinking that the Twitter people are into whatever is cool today.  So, take a quick glance at the new cool, Yosemite-styled Evernote, and yea!!!  Evernote is cool!!


Sorry, you can choose to totally ignore this post if you find it offensive in any way.  ;)

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For those of you that would like to see higher contrast or more legibility can you tell me specifically in what parts of the app?  It doesn't help me if you say the entire app.  


1) Are we in agreement that the actual note has enough contrast since it's on a white background?

2) List View?  I'm hearing a lot of discussion about list view.  It sounds like it's difficult to read the text on the banding (and I'm guessing a lot of this depends on one's desktop background).  I personally don't have an issue here but I understand the point.

3) What about snippet view?


Anyway, it would be helpful and more constructive to provide specific areas of the product you think we should continue to refine vs having larger arguments over transparency.  The sidebar of Evernote will be transparent.  This is not negotiable because this is by definition a part of the Yosemite design aesthetic.  


The bottom line is I agree with the sentiment that we should build a product that works for all of our users so help me provide our design team with specific details to work with.   I'm not sure we're going to satisfy everyone but I think we may be able to make things better for some.


P.S. It's kind of funny because on Twitter the new design is getting generally great reviews maybe because one can't write too much  :) .




I've never used these forums before but I wanted to provide some feedback since Evernote is probably one of my favorite apps!


I agree with others that an increase in contrast in evernote is needed after the latest 6.0 update (I'm on 6.0.1) on Yosemite. 


The note itself does not have enough contrast. The boundary between the white note on a very light gray background is almost invisible on my computer (13" Macbook Air 2013 version). If the background gray color that is used for the evernote interface could be darkened a couple shades that would improve things greatly. 


I also don't need the "drag files here or just start typing" text in every new note. After the first time I upgrade that message can go away. 


I only use snippet view so I can't comment on list view. I personally don't have issues with transparency as it is applied in evernote and find the snippet view legible (but again too bright in color). 


If there could be a 'high contrast' option for the interface (with much darker colors for anything that isn't supposed to be white) it would be greatly appreciated.


I would also add that I am loving other parts of this update particularly the changes you made to lists and I still love using evernote!


Edit: just updated to 6.0.2. I now realize that the main issue with contrast is that not only the note/snippet side bar but also the background for the main note is transparent. The sidebar being transparent makes sense and is part of Apple UI guidelines. I haven't seen any other apps that insist on making the body of the app transparent too though. This is a mistake. If you have any other app open in the background (such as Safari) then the contrast on evernote decreases dramatically. The background for the main note should absolutely NOT be transparent. That will solve like 90% of complaints. Another option is you can use solid lines to demarcate the note canvas, and other important separators. 

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Putting my money w.r.t. specific concerns:

  • If the sidebar is to use transparency (which personally I completely support), then it should use vibrancy appearance on its text and separators to ensure readability against all backdrops.
  • The contents of the Notes List and Notes View should scroll up under the toolbar/titlebar. The sidebar's contents should not. See the Finder as an example, as well as "Source Lists" and "Toolbars".
  • In the Snippet View, Top List View, and Side List Views, translucent backgrounds to items at best don't make sense and at worst actively impair readability. The change in translucency against the sidebar provides not enough contrast to signify the change in importance.
  • The Note View should have significant considerations made if it it is to use translucency. As noted above, note content should scroll up under all of that. Note content, though kudos for being black-on-white, offers little contrast against the translucent background to see if it's even a note at all. See the Mail app.
  • The rich text editing toolbar/tag toolbar/button bar doesn't make sense being translucent according to the HIG, and the borderless buttons offer no sense as to what their click targets actually are. Again, see "Toolbars".
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A lot has been said about the latest release of the Mac app that I kinda lost my way.


Another issue that I have, none v6 specific, is that large notes won't sync. Even worse...they will make sure that any other note edited within the Mac app won't sync either. The only thing you can do to make the app work again is to delete the big note (although notes can be up to 100MB) from your Evernote as well as from your bin. As long as it's not deleted in the bin, the big corrupted note will still make sure that nothing else will be sent to the Evernote servers. Sometimes I need 'bigger notes' so I would like to make use of the max. of 100MB's.

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  • Improved handling of really long URLs which used to make the note extend off the screen.


Ah, so somebody is listening to me! Thanks... However, you've not fixed it for all long URLs... I can still see many examples where the old bug remains! Here are three examples as shared Evernote notes:


Wrapping Bug Example A


Wrapping Bug Example B


Wrapping Bug Example C


The problem is only evident when viewed in Evernote for Mac (e.g. version 6.0.1) not when viewed online.

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Direct download version here. I made a post about the low-contrast, high-brightness version of the design (at least on Mavericks) here, but I can sum things up here:

  • The high brightness, very white design is actually a little bit painful to look at, it's so bright. I use computers for work every day and have no eye conditions; this is the first app that's ever actually hurt my eyes. Functional feedback, not aesthetic.
  • Alternating between white and light gray in the Side List view helps with this a lot, but I prefer Snippets view and that is all white. It would help a lot if the Snippets view also alternated between white and light gray in the list, to increase contrast and make the list easier to parse.
  • The same can be said of the sidebar lists (Shortcuts and Notebooks), which are all one background color and have a problematic lack of contrast.

As for other feedback:

  • Please bring back strikethrough to a place that isn't buried two levels deep in a menu. It used to be in the Cmd+T pop-up, but in Evernote 6 that pop-up has been severely stripped down and is missing a number of options from the 5.x pop-up. Couldn't strikethrough be easily placed in the formatting bar above the note editor alongside the various other formatting buttons?
  • This is a years-old request, but could we please, please, please have an option to remove the sync button that turns blue when someone edits a shared note? Many people have requested that on the forums, and for people who get no value from that button it's annoying to have to keep clearing it when it lights up.

Thanks for reading!

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I wonder if the Evernote team will heed the comments posted here by so many first-timers? There seems to be a larger than usual turnout of new posters who have taken the trouble to search out the forum and join it in order to complain about several things, especially the appearance, of this new version.


Surely the impact this is obviously having on all these new posters won't be ignored by Evernote? I mean, those of us who have been whinging - er, sorry - constructively contributing - for quite some time now, sort of get used to being ignored. Boy, cry, wolf, etc etc.


But all these first-time posters must have good reason to be motivated to come here and post....


Was Jack serious when he said that all posts were read and "listened to"?

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I am a premium user, like many here.


I am downgrading because this interface is much too bright for me. 


I am not a luddite that arbitrarily criticises change, but in this case I believe there is good reason to ask the developers to reconsider the current scheme, or at least open up the colour scheme to tailored tweaking. I simply must register my concern about the direction Evernote is taking with this new look, I would rather have an easy to use, high contrast, darker theme than a 'fashion of the moment' look that makes me think I am at a ski-field or antarctica without sunglasses during a sunny day.


Please, please, please listen. As a solicitor that has instructed my paralegals to use this software for our office, I find myself at work here on a Sunday uninstalling 6.0 on several computers.


Please take it from me, as someone that (used to?) stare at Evernote for HOURS every day, upon day, this colour scheme is not easy on the eyes for many of us. Please add a dark colour scheme. Or open up the colour scheme for modification.


Please do not lose touch with many of your paying and unpaying customers. This is a legitimate response that is forcing me to revert a version, and consider alternatives.

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This is stacking up to be the worst ever release of EN Mac.

After only 5 days, this thread is up to 263 posts, 14 pages, and the overwhelming majority of them are negative to very negative.


Evernote, I hope you are hearing this message loud and clear.

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Based on the latest comments, here is a compilation of various requests. (minus the dark side bar as per Yosemite guidelines etc.)


(this forum won't allow me to post anymore images... I'm using tinypic - if you  have a suggestion on easier way to upload images let me know...)


Here is 6.0.2 now:





Here is an update with various requests from the forum:





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Marcus, thanks for the update.  I know those who go through the Mac App Store will really appreciate it.


Issue:  Low Contrast Text

The attachment to the below post clearly illustrates this issue with Ver 6.



In particular the column titles are very low contract AND very small font size, making them very hard to read.


Again, it continues to appear that your UI designers put more importance on looking cool, looking like Apple, than they do on essential readability.  IMO, adding translucence to the body of an app that contains lots of data is terrible.  We want to READ the data, and don't care what's behind the app.

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The idea of presenting us with a list of proposed changes is excellent - why not do it before each major upgrade, and get feedback on them BEFORE you push out the upgrade and then cop a heap of complaints?


I'm open to more collaboration.  I'll give some thought as to how this might be possible but keep in mind that the forums represent one point of view.  It's not necessarily the point of view of all our customers even thought it might seem like it.  Like I mentioned before the twitterverse generally loves the new design.  Now it might be because they are a younger demographic but they are also Evernote users and should be part of the discussion.


Are you going to bring back your signature colour scheme of green and grey? Or are you going to stick with the completely bland, no-brand version with grey, grey, and more grey? 50 Shades of Grey, anyone? (Somebody had to say it!)


What about coloured icons, you know, like they used to be?


The simple answer is that we aren't going back.  We will continue to refine and improve the product but our previous design doesn't fit well with Apple's new design direction.  Many didn't like iOS7 when it shipped but I think most wouldn't want to go back because the old UI looks out of date.  If you use Yosemite everyday and use lots of apps, you'll eventually start to spot the apps that feel out of place because they have big 3D buttons and complex icons with lots of colors.  I'm not trying to convince you to like the new design but I think it grows on people.  There's an initial shock regarding change and then after repeated use it starts to feel comfortable.   It's funny because I think there was a big uproar regarding the black sidebar when Evernote shipped that design and many people expressed hatred for that look.  Now people want to bring it back.  Design is a curious thing.



Could I suggest that instead of going all grey and white, like you have now, that you add some light touches of green in the program?  Something that shows this is Evernote at a quick glance and not just some other mac program?   I am sure there are some ways you can do this without going back to what you had before.  Something subtle such as a thin green border or a very light green/grey menu bar on the left size vs the semi transparent window now.  Just ideas.


Thank you for talking about this!

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And my recommendation is uninstall 6.0 and 6.0.1 and reinstall 5.5. or 5.7. Dig around on this forum and find instructions for how to get it done. It's not that tough, and the older versions are SO SO SO much better at everything we love about Evernote.



Actually, the program has been running non stop for nearly 4 days at this point. I have restarted the computer 3 times during that period. Evernote is still impossibly slow.
Previous version worked without issue - this is definitely somethign to do with the upgrade.
In a word. It's unusable.

My recommendation: uninstall V6.0, download V6.0.1 from the Evernote site and install it. This helped in several cases.


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I just updated to 6.0.1 and the first thing I noticed was at the bottom of every note, I now have an ad to convert to Premium.  I may upgrade at some point, but THAT is NOT the way to get me to do it.  Seriously annoyed that I can't turn that off.  I "Hide" it but it comes back if I switch to another notebook and then come back.  :-(

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did you ask your customers before you removed ALL colour and switched to a minimalist look??  This is hideous looking, and terrible for anyone with poor eyesight.  please don't follow apple like puppies and assume all your users are teens or twenty somethings with perfect vision etc.  how can we get some colour back -- so we can easily differentiate between areas / notes / lists etc. 


Also - please bring BACK the title bar - there is no differentiation between title and text - very hard to see which is which.   None of my reminders are 'obvious' now - since they're ALL white with the rest of the app. 


seriously disappointed. If you put out a completely new look at least let us users theme it or change the look to our preference.  Especially us paying users. 


Oh and as a user of several years - i have absolutely NO use for chat -- i have chat programs (geez i have 3 already sigh)...   Give us the option to hide these type of things. 



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I can not see my notes, only the previews. If I click on a note it is empty.

I am using OS X 10.8.5 and "was" updated today to version 6.0.

For me it is horror, cause I work everyday with evernote and everything I need I write down in evernote.

A mistake???


What can I do now. Can I get back to the old version ?




jjj - I had the same problem. I eventually followed some of the advice on here, and deleted the version 6.0 downloaded via the App Store and did a fresh download (of version 6.0.1) directly from the Evernote website. That seems to have solved the problem for me. May not be the best solution, but it works. 

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I followed these instructions:



In fact, all i did was install the 5.5.2 version and let it download all my notes from EN servers. So, even easier than what was listed. SO MUCH HAPPIER back at 5.5.2. 5.7 was proving too difficult to install, so I went back and do not regret it at all. None of that context *****, etc. Just good old Evernote!


EN tricked me again.  I should know to never upgrade for at least 2-3 months.  My bad.


Attachments are not shown inline, performance is awful ("blazingly fast" who are you kidding?), and somebody took the Yosemite aesthetic a bit too far as many have noted.


EN has a corporate culture which abhors testing, the philosophy is to "code and release, let the customers find the bugs for us."


The product has such enormous potential, but over and over again it overreaches on features and under delivers on quality.


I cannot find the link to download the previous version.  Can someone please post it again?  Thanks.

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For those of you that would like to see higher contrast or more legibility can you tell me specifically in what parts of the app?  It doesn't help me if you say the entire app.  


Hi Marcus,



In case your designers feel this is a subjective complaint about the usage of colors of the latest app, let's use 2 popular websites as a comparison below.


Hope your team will notice how lines and colors are used to help create clear(er) focal points. It's still not the 'best' (subjective), but hope it gives a starting point of what people are currently accepting as a benchmark.

Evernote, the app, is not an art project. It's not a designer's expression of his or her tastes. It's to help get the job done.


When it comes to contrast, it's just doing basic fundamental changes to make sure you don't use colors that are only a few points different from each other.


Right now, your designers chose these 3 colors to make a distinction of 3 areas of your interface:


Sidebar: #e9e9e9

Notes sidebar: #f6f6f6

Background of note: #f9f9f9


The difference between f6f6f6 and f9f9f9 is simply too close for your older demo. It's not subjective. It's good business sense to try to make things easier to use.


Me? I'm fine with 6.0.2 as long as you're working on adding a custom color picker that even your website has...





Comparison to 2 (arguable) popular websites:






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Hi @SoftwareMarcus and @Jackolicious,

As far as I can tell from your posts you're both working for Evernote. I'm working as an organizational consultant and I'm always intrigued by processes like the one I see unfolding here.

After Penultimate the new Evernote is also (partially) out if sync with its users. So I wonder how come? I mostly see this happen when companies/designers think FOR their customers (inside of the company or team bubble) instead of being in dialogue WITH their customers during the development process. So I would love to know how Evernote's development process is done. And it's not about judging. These things don't go wrong for nothing. I see these kind of symptoms a lot and it's an invitation to revise the way of working. The old ways don't fit anymore. I see both you guys making a real effort to do so. But this is after the facts. I'm curious to see how what happens will inspire Evernote to explore new ways of working. The fun thing is that you are already market leader in note taking. So even if you would open all the gates I'm almost certain it won't hurt you.

But back to my question, and out of curiosity, would you be willing to share a bit about how Evernote does its development so that I/we could understand this better.

Thanks, Jan

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This has been a huge issue for me for the last two years, ever since the functionality was removed for no convincing reason, but I can still not arrange my tag hierarchy in the sidebar even though this is way easier than in the main part of the window. Also, Evernote does still not highlight the selected tag if I make the selection in the sidebar. Both things used to be in there and made working with tags much easier. Guess it’s back to version 3.3 for me again, just like after every release of a new Evernote version.

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I reverted from 6.01 to 5.7.2 by deleting this file:


~/Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/version


.. and version 5.7.2 launched just fine on a "migrated" database. Everything seems to be there and working. Activity log threw an error that went away after a restart.


This is a bit risky as I don't know what the 5.7.2 -> 6.01 migration changed, but it seems to work, and at this point we all have local backups, right?


Q: Why is Evernote still keeping the data losing / corrupting version 6.0 at App Store? Yes, they are working on it, but they should also PULL a version that corrupts data immediately to prevent further damage, no excuses. The acceptable level of data loss is surely zero, right? The longer that version is out the less sure it appears.

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NO ONE IS ASKING FOR MARKET PLACE. Who buys an Evernote mug??? Who is asking for Chat features? Really?


Lol... yes. I get sent emails about an Evernote backpack, pencil holders, laptop sleeve? I honestly thought since they had good industrial design, they would be able to make an impeccable user interface for the mac. There is nothing wrong with the web and iOS versions. It looks as if someone different made the mac version. Maybe they should go to the people that created the market place products and ask them what they think. They seems to have good taste and could point out what is wrong. 


By the way, is there a reason when I go to upload an image it says I can only upload "59.04KB of files". That seems small, compared to what I see above. I want to post some pictures as well. 

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Largely, I like the new design. The glyphs conform nicely to the system standard, the cleaner window is on the whole pleasant to look at. I personally don't find it any brighter than, say, Mail.app, which I use regularly, and it's refreshing.


A few thoughts, though:

  • You should really use the system font. Right now, the window's title bar uses the system Helvetica Neue, but the sidebar, note list, etc., all use the regular version of the font, not the system UI version, which has adjusted kerning and letter spacing for readability on non-retina displays etc.
  • Plus, if you just specified the system font app-wide instead of specific fonts, you wouldn't do things like miss that the notebook name, in the note view, is still in Lucida Grande—just that bit of text in the entire app.
  • Maybe the note list should be opaque. Like, Mail's message list is opaque, and that gives the window some weight, and would eliminate the problem of list view's alternate row colors being less readable on some backgrounds.
  • Usability-wise, you gotta implement smooth scrolling in the note list. Scrolling through messages in Mail, webpages in Safari, etc., has been super-smooth since this was introduced in Mavericks (right?) and Evernote's note list seems stutter and kinda painful to use in comparison. It shouldn't be that the web client's note list (since it's in Safari) scrolls more smoothly than the native client's.

The client's new design is refreshing, promising, etc., and at this early stage, you'd expect it to have some rough edges. Hope you can iron them out soon!

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Anyway, it would be helpful and more constructive to provide specific areas of the product you think we should continue to refine vs having larger arguments over transparency.  The sidebar of Evernote will be transparent.  This is not negotiable because this is by definition a part of the Yosemite design aesthetic.  



Marcus - when you say that the transparent (I assume you mean translucent) sidebar is not negotiable - does that mean it is translucent under Mavericks as well? Or is it only translucent running under Yosemite? I haven't upgraded to Yosemite (well, I did on one machine, but quickly reverted via Time Machine once I discovered all the problems), and I haven't upgraded to Evernote v6.

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Marcus, thanks for the update.  I know those who go through the Mac App Store will really appreciate it.


Issue:  Low Contrast Text

The attachment to the below post clearly illustrates this issue with Ver 6.

In particular the column titles are very low contract AND very small font size, making them very hard to read.


Again, it continues to appear that your UI designers put more importance on looking cool, looking like Apple, than they do on essential readability.  

Thanks for the screenshot of the column headers. That will get adjusted.


Regarding contrast

This is our highest contrast release ever. We've had this app reviewed by text accessibility experts. This was done for our users who have complained about legibility (including you JM :)

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Thanks again for the discussion regarding the new look.  I just got out of a meeting with Jackoliscious, our designer and developer to discuss some tweaks that we would like to implement in the short term to help with Pre-Yosemite OSs and legibility issues.  I'm not sure we're going to go as far as many of you would like but I think these changes will help.  I want to provide all of you a preview of what we discussed.  I do want to caution that our developer still has to get in there and code this up so we'll see what is doable and what isn't.


1) Mavericks and Earlier OSs - I think there is a big difference between the experience a Yosemite user has and a Maverick's user (NOTE: When I say Mavericks I really mean Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion but it's too darn hard to write that every time so I'm just going to write Mavericks).  The Yosemite translucency adds some color and differentiation to the different panes in the product which I really like.  On earlier OSs there is no translucency so there isn't a large differentiation between the panes.  On Pre-Yosemite OSs we're going to change the sidebar and the divider lines to be darker gray to provide this differentiation.  I think this will help with separating the sections of the app and the "brightness" concern.


2) Light Gray Text - The light gray text in the snippet and card view is too light and I agree it's difficult to see.  This includes the date and other header text.  We're going to darken this text.  Also the line spacing in snippet view for this same text is too tight and we're going to try to expand it a bit.  Technically card view is tougher to work with so we don't have as many line spacing options in this view.


3) Icons - On Mavericks some icons appear disabled because they are too light.  We're going to go through and investigate and fix icon coloring.  For some reason they are different colors for different icons.  Overall we will subtly increase the darkness of the icons through out the product and make them more consistent.


Thanks again for this open discussion.  We are listening but keep in mind that we may not always agree.   Just because we don't change something it doesn't mean we aren't listening.    In addition, some things are easier to change than others.  The bottom line is we're passionate about Evernote and we're working hard to make it a better product for all of us.


New evernote was really hurting my eyes; glad to hear these changes are coming.


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