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Xnotifications-Monitor Shares/Notebooks for new notes and more!


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Hi everyone. We are new to the Evernote forums. We would like to receive feedback on one of our new apps we have developed over the last 2 years. It's called Xnotifications, and you can sign up and download the trial at http://download.xnotifications.com/download.htm.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


What does it do you might be asking? First off, it's a desktop app for Windows.  When connected to your Evernote account, it allows you to choose which notebooks you would like to monitor for notifications of any new notes created in said notebook. Also, in the settings menu, you will see that you can enter the destination email addresses to forward the note to any platform that you choose. For example: A note was created by me that had information regarding service work, parts and time tracking etc. When Xnotifications sees this note come into the monitored notebook I chose, it not only notifies via pop-up style dialog box, it also automatically sends the note into our ticketing and billing system!! Eliminating steps and always able to stay in good ol' Evernote, the best information capturing software on the planet! If your office is already using Evernote, Xnotifications can be setup as a private in-office notification system. Just share a notebook, install Xnotifications and monitor the share for any new notes. Enough for now. Thank you in advance for any feedback.   


Xnotifications email: info@xnotifications.com


We will respond to any feedback within 24hrs or sooner. Thanks

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You might want to post something in the Business section stating that you have a new app out that cen track changes in shared notebooks and send the user notification of said changes. I don't think you'd get away with just reposting your original post there, but a note saying something similar to my suggestion along with a link back to you original post might be okay. I have seen a couple people in that forum asking for just such and ability. Worth a try! If you're worried send GBarry a PM asking permission.

If you do go the GBarry route, also ask if you can post it in the main evernote section as I know of at least one couple that use a Premium and free account to organize their lives, and there are also several other Premium (non-business) and free users that share Notebooks and I think some might be interested to know. Remember, most folks only go to the areas of the forum that directly affects their particular EN Clients(s) and wouldn't even think to look at the 3rd Party Applications board if they are not in the market for something new or specific.

Also, feel free to use my reasoning if you ask GBarry to post in one or both areas, which, as I write this, think is probably the way to go.

Good luck!

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Hi.  I'll always try new Evernote related software,  but your web page is extremely basic,  unfriendly and unhelpful and the install process trips my Windows and Avast anti-malware protections.and wants me to pay for the software after 10 days.  I think I'll pass on this one thanks...

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I understand the issues you are having with the software and website. We are currently undergoing major changes to both the website and the overall performance and feel of the software. We have been in communication with Evernote, and are implementing a number of improvements at this time. I appreciate your feedback as we strive to perfect our application. An update to both the site and software are coming soon. 

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