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(Archived) SMS: Text to Email Cut Off and Not Split

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I use my account's email address to text notes to. The problem is that when my text message is more than 160 characters, it gets cut off. Normally (if I were texting to another phone, say), the message would be automatically split up into 2 or more messages, and no content would be lost. However, the Evernote email address does not seem to have this auto-split feature.

Are there any workarounds?



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We may add our own SMS gateway in the future, but this will require paying for an SMS short code that we don't need to deal with via email.

Unfortunately, SMS email conversion produces separate email messages that arrive at Evernote at different times, and are not reliably associated with each other, so it's safer for us to make separate notes. On either client, you can select these notes and use the Merge function to join them into a single note.

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