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What is the oldest "still working" version of Evernote for Mac and iOS?



Hi there,


Due to a handful of reasons, I am limited to using Mac OS 10.6.8 and iOS 6 for the forseeable future (as in, at least two years). There's nothing I can do about this due to outside restrictions I must follow.


That being said, I am starting to get nervous that Evernote will drop support for these old systems and I'll be out of luck.


Can you make me feel better? For example, does Evernote still support syncing with really old versions? Version 4? Version 3? I'd love to know. If past history indicates that Evernote will be dropping support for Evernote Mac version 5.5.1 or iOS version that runs on iOS 6 anytime soon I'd like to know now so I can start the long process of a backup plan.




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I doubt you'll get any individual advance warning of Evernote retiring support for any OS.  They'll naturally give a general warning if and when that happens,  and notice will be built in,  so you should have time to export/ backup your data.  Meantime the newest version that will work with 10.6 (AFAIK) seems to be the one referenced by @jackolicious below.


Apple no longer supports Snow Leopard, and Evernote no longer supports versions that run on it.  The fix is to upgrade -if you can- to Lion (10.7) or Mavericks (10.9) which is free.

Find a download link to Evernote 5.5.2 (try contacting support) - it's reportedly pretty stable on 10.7.

Evernote Employee Jackolicious has posted a link to a 10.6 compatible version of Evernote (October 2014) - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/68751-internal-database-error/#entry307732

(It should still be possible to use Evernote's web interface via a browser on any OS)
Apple retires Snow Leopard from support

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Old versions of Evernote may eventually stop working, or not work very well, causing unknown issues for you in the future.


A better option for you may be for you try using the web app.

Evernote is making efforts to deliver a more robust web app experience and has recently delivered a beautiful update.

Login here to try it yourself >> https://www.evernote.com/Home.action

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Thanks for your replies! Unfortunately I am really looking for something that won't change on me too much over the next few years. I was hoping that someone would reply here and say, "oh, don't worry - version 3 still syncs for the most part!" (Or something along those lines.) That would give me some assurance that my versions will work for a few more years. I'm a premium user and depend on Evernote, but I am not able to change from 10.6.8 for the forseeable future due to specific project requirements.

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