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Evernote I pad 2 v kindle fire

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I have been using EN on my IPad. When the Ipad crashed lost all my docs and notebooks, after a reset. They had been printed out so not a huge deal. But today, I was goofing around with my Kindle which I use less(the kindle book app on the IPad is way better at organizing collections than the kindle book app on kindle), and found I Had EN on my Kindle, which I did not remember, associated with an email address, did an update and found all my missing notebooks. Just like I lost all my photos on IPad with an IOS update and found them in DropBox. Anyway, it would be nice to have all the docs in one place. Is there a way to put the notebooks from IPad onto the Kindle or vice versa. I'm ready for a tablet upgrade and am just about ready to switch to the big New Kindle, even tho I like the desktop way better on the IPad, because Kindle, hands down, saves content and reloads it so much better than the IPad. Still, I am a rank amateur at this stuff.

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You have two accounts, correct? I would designate one as the source (where you want to move your notes from), and one as the target (where you want to move your notes to). You'd want to share notebooks from the source account to the new account, and sync up. Once you can see the notebooks on your target account, make corresponding notebooks for the source notes, and copy notes from the source to the corresponding notebook in the target. For safety's sake, I am recommending that you copy the notes, not move them.

If you have a lot of notes, this will likely be a pain on mobile devices. The Android doesn't deal with multiple note selections, so you'd need to do this note by note. It does have a duplicate note function, so that's what you'd use to copy the notes. You'd probably find it a lot easier to do this using one of the desktop clients (WIndows or Mac), or possibly the web client (the released version, not the web beta).

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