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UI suggestion for saving a note

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Just a small suggestion for how the app could save an edited note.


In my personal experience of using the android app I just noticed saving a note takes an extra press or touch.


The current way of saving a note after editing it is when you press on the back button it displays a 'Do you want to discard these changes' confirmation pop up. And if you want to save the note you press Done at the top left corner of the edited note screen which is hard to reach with one hand.


I can see why the above is current behaviour where you dont accidently add new or changed content to the note but it just seems it cant be done in one hand even for smaller screen android phones.


You can keep the Done button on the top left corner but could we have a 'Do you want to save these changes' confirmation pop up on pressing the back button instead, as in my opinion it is easier to save a note this way and not accidently discard the changes when trying to save a note quickly which I have been doing a lot since I started using the app on android. Maybe its only me.


I am not sure where the discard confirmation pop up could be accessed from after its changed to the above though.


Hopefully this post made sense.


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