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Web Beta and the OLD layout (and Android ...)


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Just some questions on the new UIl


One key question, will the old UI be retained as an option going forward once this dev build (something (which you admit) which is not functionally complete is not a beta) is in full release?


It looks like you're moving the UI toward that of the tablet/phone apps (I use android) - is this the future of EN?  I.e. away from apps and more focused on being a cloud-based provider?


Last question, what motivated what seems to me a pointless change - "if it ain't broke don't fix it" - so what was broken?  


I like/d the old layout because everything was readily available, obvious and within easy reach - like a virtual desktop.  Now you're hiding everything, and I have to go looking for things, which wastes my time and my bandwidth.


And sorry, one last question, why beta THIS version?  It's barely usable, surely you'd get a better response releasing an actual feature-complete 'beta'?  Unless we can hope you might abandon this if you get enough negative feedback before doing a full-featured release?

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Hi DanGav, 


Thanks for the feedback.  We haven't announced our plans, however, the Beta is very important to us to get feedback.  Please feel free to check back each week and give feedback on the implemented features and our progress.  We'd love to hear what is working well and what isn't. 


- Nancy 

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