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Taking Notes in Evernote While Watching a Webinar

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I'm new to this forum and I've done some searching for this topic.  I apogize if is covered somewhere.  If so, a direction to that would be appreciated.


I have a large number of webinars to watch and take notes on.  I'm trying to understand how to watch a webinar and take notes online at the same time -- using the same computer. I tried to minimize the window of the webinar and had evernote minimized on the other side.  I know I'm missing something.  What I'm trying to avoid is 1) having to take notes on my ipad and 2) taking paper notes and having to transfer them. 


I know this is probably a very basic question.  I appreciate your assistance in learning my way through all this.


Thanks so much.



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Hi.  It's always useful to know exactly what version of Evernote you're talking about when raising a query - do you have the desktop version installed on your computer,  or are you using the web-based access via a browser?


Taking notes during a 'live' presentation is a topic on which I have very mixed feelings  On one hand I hate writing (largely because it's mainly illegible);  on the other,  typing into a computer is subject to random crises like power cuts / rampaging kids or cats / hardware failures and line drop-outs.  And while I know they are also all going to kill the lecture so I don't have to take any more notes,  there's a fair chance that the ones I've taken up to that point have also just become electronic toast.  So despite the hieroglyphics I like to take good old-fashioned notes on paper.  (The battery life is also brilliant...)


The nice thing with Evernote is that you can then scan in your sheets of handwritten notes and add keywords / explanations and more thoughts so if you need to go back to one section you can find it quickly.  If you scan to JPG (a picture file) or take a snap with your camera or phone,  the picture will be OCR'd - within limits - and your content will be searchable.


If you really do want to take notes into Evernote it should be easy with the desktop version - open your notes window and your webinar window and share the screen real-estate as best you can. 


With the browser version you can open the two in separate tabs,  and most tabbed browsers will allow you to drag and drop one tab as a separate window,  so again you have two windows to arrange.  (All that would be much easier on two monitors...how about watching the webinar on the iPad and note-taking on the computer?)


Bear in mind though that you're taking your notes into a browser and saving them by uploading to the Evernote servers at the same time as you're downloading the webinar content,  which will be occupying a fair amount of bandwidth.  It's what you might call a little risky...

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