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I am joining what apparently is a large segment of Penultimate users that are NOT happy with the latest update.  I believe it completely ruined the product.  The beauty of penultimate was that it was a digital notebook.  Like having your own journal on your iPad or device.  Why go away from the page options to one giant scrolling piece of paper.  I wouldn't want that in real life, why would I want it in a digital journal.  The zoom feature is totally inept.  The new "play" button that just moves along whether you type or not is ridiculous and all of a sudden it can't figure out my stylus?  I am one user that is now on the search for a new journal app.  Please bring the old Penultimate back.  Any suggestions on other journal apps?  

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I've made numerous comments about this situation under the topic "Penultimate Notebooks Ruined!"  The new update is horrible. It did ruin what was an outstanding and easy-to-use product. The "scroll" paper feed analogy is incredibly inept and a usability nightmare. They obviously don't use their own product. Other users have suggested "Noteshelf" as a place to go for notetaking software. I'm hoping my $75 worth of "Jotter Stylus" works with Noteshelf. Losing 22 notebooks full of client data is causing me to have ulcers. Hopefully Noteshelf can import old Penultimate notebooks. I'd love to stay with Penultimate, but this current version is completely unusable to me and I have work to do. I can't wait around for Penultimate to fix this incredible blunder.


Is Evernote publicly traded? Their stock price has surely tanked based on this idiocy.

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