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Duplicated Notes after Yosemite Upgrade



Hello. This isn't a request for help, it's just a situation report plus I'm wondering if anyone else had this problem.


I upgraded from Mavericks to Yosemite last week. When I got back to work I noticed that EN had created some duplicates of notes, but only in one workbook (the one I use most often). 


It did this to about ten notes, and I can't see any pattern as to why only those notes. Here's the weird thing: the duplicates were not identical. For example, in one version of "Note 1" it had everything up-to-date, and in another version of "Note 1" it was out of date by a couple of days. No conflict report or anything, just two identically named notes in the workbook (repeated about ten times; in about half the cases the notes had differences; in the other cases the notes were identical).


I resolved it fairly easily by listing them by name and trashing one version of each duplicate. Then I noticed that this broke a bunch of my links to the notes (i.e., I'd click a link to a note and it says the note no longer exists because the link is to the version I trashed.)


Not a huge disaster, but an indication of how shaky and flaky all this stuff can be.



  • Has anyone else here seen this problem?
  • Is this an Evernote FAIL or a Yosemite FAIL?

That's all.

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