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My app permanently froze while uploading files. Now the only version I can run using Yosemite is the one from the App Store. When I download and run Evernote from the Evernote website it opens to the old upload page and freezes. Must use Force Quit. How can I clear out every remnant of the old and start new?

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I would remove BOTH versions of Evernote FULLY.

First, using the web interface, ensure that all of your content is there and uploaded properly. 

Then, make sure you have a backup of your system (which is good practice anyway). 

Then I usually use AppCleaner.app for complete removal of applications (http://www.freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/). It generally does a good job. You might want to check your ~/Library/Application Support folder and ~/Library/Containers folder for any remaining evernote stuff and delete that manually, though Appcleaner should catch all of that. 


Once you have them both fully uninstalled, download the website version (at least, this is the way I tend to go, instead of the App Store version), and install that. 


Usually a re-install should fix any strange freezing quirks. Personally I haven't had anything like this occur on my three Yosemite systems with Evernote on them. I imagine this thorough reinstall should set things straight. 

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