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Open Letter to Evernote

Dan Tappin

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Almost a year ago I purchased an iPad Air specifically to ditch a physical note book and go digital. I saw colleagues use the same format and decided to take the plunge. After much research I settled on Penultimate. I tried a few styluses (is it stylii?) adn eventually ended up with the Jot Script.

Last week I blindly upgraded to v6 of Penultimate. I had just started a new job so I planned to set up some new notebooks and be on my way. I figured that the drift would get better, the Jot Script would get better and there would be some cool new features. Instead I got a stylus that no longer connects to the app and as has been outlined at nauseum here in the forums and a new UI that is a disaster.

When I somehow got my Jot Script to connect for a few moments I discovered a bug ridden UI that was unusable. I like most loyal customer have been upset over this. I was outraged but figured common sence would prevail. They (Evernote) would have to roll this back and admit their mistake. No - they have dug in their heels and are pushing ahead. So much so that when I reported my issues (as a premium member) my reply was basically "check out the FAQ" as if the problem was ME vs a DISASTER OF A PRODUCT LAUNCH.

Yesterday I switched to Noteshelf. It's not bad. It has some features (insert text, more pens etc.) that alone are worth switching for even without the current issues. Then today I back peddled and gave the "download on an old iPad v5 restore" a shot. Ta da.. the old Penultimate was back.

Then I used it.

Then I said to myself "I miss those new Noteshelf features" and "wait... I am locked into v5.3.1 forever!". At this point I made the choice to stick with Noteshelf. Evernote made their choice and I just made mine.


Dan Tappin

Calgary, AB

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