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Alternative apps to penultimate (that works with evernote)?


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I tried Bamboo Paper and it works better than the Penultimate 6.0. It looks similar, offers notebooks, syncs to evernote, and you can turn pages like a notebook. Still don't like it as much as the 5.3.1 penultimate app though, but until they decide to roll the old one back, I will be using that one. The writing apps all suck so I guess we are all screwed. Will be using old fashioned pencil and paper since this company doesn't understand why we liked 5.3.1...

Oh, and I also heard Notability (I think you have to pay) is pretty good. I don't like INkredible, seems to resemble the penultimate 6.0

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What do you like about Noteshelf?

I've been using Notability (IOS and Mac)

Not sure about the "works well with Evernote"
- After I'm finished, I export to Evernote in pdf format
  So I'm not interested in the internal filing; but I hear Noteshelf is stunning

Features I like are the free form combination of ink, typing, images.  
Audio can be included.

Re: Handwriting
I've been using MyScript Stylus which uses the keyboard area for handwriting and translates to typing as you write.

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I have been a long time user of Noteshelf... I tried them all, and it seemed to have the most natural writing feel... I wanted a strong feature set, but natural feel was at the tp of my list.

Noteshelf integrates with Evernote... no need to export... just save the notebook and it automatically syncs with Evernote.

I have just recently started using Evernote more, and I am now finding the biggest limitation with Noteshelf is that Evernote's OCR and search functions don't work as well with it... they do work, but very hit and miss.

If I write directly into Evernote, the search works with handwritten notes almost flawlessly (even with my chicken scratching)... but Evernote drawing interface is useless without at least palm rejection... I am now revisiting Penultimate, after dismissing it initially, as the search function with hand written notes in Penultimate is way better.  If I can get used to Penultimate, I will likely switch for the search functionality.

The only feature that hasn't got me switching yet is the presentation mode... Penultimate shows he same view on the screen as seen on tee iPad... if you are zoomed in and have the split screen showing the zoom window, that's what you see on the screen... Noteshelf shows the normal page view on the screen, even if you are using the zoom mode on the iPad.  (I use it as a whiteboard with a data projector, so this is very useful.)

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