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I have a question or three. I am brand new to this. I'm initially impressed by what I see. I've been studying up on all sorts of things, watching youtube videos by smart and ignorant people alike. They all suggest they will tel you how to use EN in business, then they show you how they track their food choices. They all go thru the basics of creating a Note, then creating a Notebook, etc. 


I am wondering if someone can point me to a place that shows a method or two for setting up the tags for managing multiple projects, time, due dates, how the tags are useful, etc.


I have these projects, and have tasks that I need to record duration for. It would nice to pull them out when done and create a bill in my database at the right time. Does this exist? Do I have to write it myself?


I thought I heard that one can take a picture with a camera and OCR the info on the card into a note. I don't see a way to do this, I can't even seem to rotate the photo. Are these Premium features? Do they exist?


Thanks for any and all help you can offer - to get me started.

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Try this site for GTD-oriented task management in Evernote... centered around tags:


http://www.thesecretweapon.org/ (free tutorials)


Also, I recommend purchasing a copy of David Gold's guide to GTD in Evernote.


As far as OCR... you just pop the image into Evernote and it should be indexed in due course - it's nothing that you can prompt yourself, besides a manual sync on desktop. Both Premium and Free users have this feature - the only thing is that premium users get priority indexing. In my experience, if I remember correctly, it took between 15 to 30 minutes for an image to be indexed when I was a free user. 


You should be able to rotate a photo by right clicking on the image on the desktop client. Also, the words would pick up whether they are horizontal or vertical. Keep in mind that if you make any changes, such as rotating an image, all information is re-uploaded (all contents of the note). I'm not sure whether this affects the indexing.

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Just one Caveat (Daniel Gold's method):


Unless you use an Android and/or the Desktop client, you will not be able to efficiently view nested tags - since, after all, the system is a tag-based one. 

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My recommendation: don't sweat the organizational stuff too much. You will probably have a small number of most frequently performed operations; optimize your workflow for those, and you'll save the most time. You can use shortcuts for that in many cases. For other cases, learn the search syntax, and you can handle those too, although with a little more effort.

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