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(Archived) Auto import from folders

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I'm not sure if this feature exists. So this is a "how to" question or a "feature request" depending on whether its already possible or not.

I have a newsgroup (usenet) client that has a setting to autoimport nzb files (its just a file type.. what it does is not important) from a folder that it monitors. Recently I began a massive PDF article building project for my work and I'm literally placing hundreds of poorly named (214q3434wer.pdf for example) files into a single folder that I'm going to later drag into Evernote.

It would be nice i I could identify an incoming folder that Evernote monitors and autoimports pdf's or other file types.

Just one less step for me.

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What version of Evernote are you using? You don't mention.

If Mac, there isn't an auto-import function inherent, but you can use some Applescript to create a watchfolder. If Windows, it's built in.

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