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Windows Evernote Client Chat feature


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Morning All, 


I am using the Evernote Client for Windows and was super excited to hear about the work chat feature.  I am testing with a free ever note account.   I have two accounts set up for testing -- my main evernote account and another account set up on another computer.  When I send work chat messages to the other account messages are delayed. I witnessed that those messages can take any where from 5 seconds to 1 minute to arrive at the other side. Does any one know why this happens?


I also tested with  on Evermpte fpr  IOS devices to computer(using different accounts for each). And It appears that from computer to IOS work chat messages arrive real time. While from IOS to computer messages are delayed. 


Does any one have any ideas of why this is happening or what can I do so that messages arrive at the computer realtime? 




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My experience is similar.


I think just as Evernote's sync speed was increased 4-fold (or something like that) months back (even though we're talking about different dynamics here), I am sure they will continue to improve the efficiency of most things in general, especially Work Chat across all platforms. Sure they will want to optimize one of the very features they're showcasing as part of the Work Space vision which is well under way. No doubt about that - so I think it's just a matter of time. 

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This is indeed reproducible here too and VERY annoying.


We would appreciate an official comment on this. 


Also, notifications of new messages don't always appear and there is no way to configure any of the (simple) following:

- Turn on/off sync success/fail messages

- Turn on/off new message pop ups

- Turn on/off sound notification of new message (not implemented at all)

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