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Photo in shortcut

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I am a new EN user so apologies if this is naive question. In each notebook I have created I have three photos. Sometimes the first one appears in the shortcut, sometimes the third. Is there any way to control this so that it's always the first? Thanks

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Hi Oboist,

I (think) what you are describing as notebooks are actually notes... and I (think) what you mean by shortcuts is the Note List


Anyways, your question is a huge concern/ feature request here in the forums. People would like to be able to choose the thumbnail images that show up in the Note List, either in Card or Snippet View. Search the forum for "Thumbnail Images" and you can chime in there. 


Here's the main thread, which is rather extensive: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/18482-choosing-a-thumbnail/


Unfortunately there is no way to choose which image will show as the thumbnail image. You would have to understand the "Largest Smallest Dimension" in order to resize images accordingly before inputting them into a note.


So... nope... your question is not a naive one - but rather a sought-after feature.  ;)

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