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I use a mac mostly and love the fact that these days it's so easy to save anything as a PDF. The exception is Evernote :D When I put images of documents in from my iPhone, you add search text like a champ, but I really wish I could then export the note as a (multipage if necessary) pdf with my image and the search text behind. As it is, I can only get the original image out, or if I email, it's html with the image and no search text :(

There's also a bug here that your layout runs off the right side of the page in the pdf you generate when I choose to email a note with an image:



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Hi there. Is there any way to export as text the contents of an image, when the image is just a scan of a page of text? I can search the text in the image, which is fantastic. But, is there a way to export all that text?

I can't find this in the forums.


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No, our technology that allows text searching within images isn't producing just a single "text file" for the image, but rather a complicated tree of "possibilities" for every word-shaped rectangular region within the image. So there isn't a simple text extraction of the image like you'd get from a simpler OCR solution.

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