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Has anyone copied their recipes from ziplist to evernote?


Or does anyone use evernote to store recipes?  Can you clip things into evernote and categorize them?

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That's an "is the sea wet" kind of question.  I'm sure there's a lot written about categorisation in the discussion forums,  but here's a quick summary:

It's possible to categorise by

Account                           get a new free account for something special like receipes or archiving old notes.
Stack                               Stacks contain only Notebooks - e.g. separate stacks for 'home' and 'work'  notebooks
Notebook                        Notebooks contain only Notes - which can contain individual recipies, addresses, useful facts
Note                                Notes contain only clips from web pages,  videos,  pictures,  cut and paste information from other documents etc etc.
Plus there are     
"Smart" Titles                 Use yyyymmdd + keywords like <source> to list all notes from a certain date,  from a certain magazine,  or all those with 'curry' in the title
Tags                              Add specific tags to find all notes from one magazine / all recipes with Spinach
Evernote Search           Your stored documents will be indexed (within limits) so you can find notes by their content as well as by the title or tags.



(Sorry for any dodgy formatting here - I drafted and pasted from elsewhere!)

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