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(Archived) Inelegant way to link notes within Evernote

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I have been playing around with this poor man's method of linking notes in Evernote.

I went to random.org and selected the random string generator. I generated a list of 100 4-character alphanumeric strings. I pasted that list into a new note entitled "random" in Evernote to keep them handy and ready to use.

I use one of these 4 character strings in the first note I wish to link to other notes. For example, I keep a bulleted list of projects in one note. I want to be able to find all notes related to that particular project in that list. After the bullet I wish to link to other notes, I just cut and paste one of my 4-character strings. (I cut rather than copy so I only use that string once). So my list might have a bullet that looks like this:

- Adobe Lightroom Beta cd9r

Then for each note I wish to link to that bullet, I just copy and paste cd9r somewhere into the new note.

A simple search for cd9r finds all the linked notes quickly. By using a random string rather than a word, my searches don't turn up notes with search words that might be in any of my thousand other notes.

When you have lots of documents, clippings, files, etc., stored in EN, it's amazing how word searches find much more than you want.

I thought about using these unique identifiers as tags but that makes the tag list grow too large and hard to use.

Not elegant but maybe it'll do until EN can really do intra-EN links. I guess I could use 3-character strings but the random string generator occasionally makes strings that duplicate some abbreviations I use in my notes.

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