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Deleting Notebooks?

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Deleting notes, fine. Works great and goes into the trash like it's supposed to.


Does anyone know how to delete the Notebooks via the web, or even the iphone Evernote app? I have a bunch of " conflicting ...." & useless notebooks that I can't get rid of or drag to the trash, and the delete option ends up not being available in the edit menu.With a lot of them, it's just a useless note, in a notebook. I can delete the note in there fine, but the notebook still exists.


 It's really just starting to look cluttered. 


Many mess... much annoying.


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I can't be for sure, but your image looks like it is from EN Mac.

If so, then just right-click on a Notebook, and select "Delete..."


BUT, be sure that you have resolved the conflicting notes issue, and have the proper Note in a NB that is NOT one of the "Conflicting Changes ..." notebooks BEFORE you delete anything.  Once you delete these notebooks, there may be no recovery for the Notes within.

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1 hour ago, Beaky said:

I have tried all above and the delete option is in grey

Are you using the Mac platform?
Can you post a screenshot from right-clicking on a couple of notebooks

>>why can't i talk to someone to resolve this aaaaah!

You've discussing this now with the user population

You can also contact Evernote Support at
Contact Evernote Support   - Paid Accounts
Twitter @evernotehelps  

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