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(Archived) "Evernote is in offline mode" - when EN is closed?

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Our application is "running" as long as you keep any of our cards open. If you close all of our cards from your device, our application stops.

Well, when I said that EN wasn't running, I meant that I had closed all EN cards. In fact, I received the error multiple times when absolutely no cards were open--EN or otherwise. And that's specifically why I found it strange.

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That is strange, thanks for the report. I'd be curious if you still saw this after you rebooted the phone, or whether this is a freak one-time problem.


This actually isn't the first time I've noticed this happening, but it's been awhile since the last time. I don't believe that it's ever happened after I've rebooted after running and then closing EN, but I'll certainly report back if it does.

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