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Can't export to pdf


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I have a Penultimate notebook I really need to export to pdf but ever since this new update, that isn't working.  I tap the icon for "Export PDF" and a little box saying, "Export PDF" shows up for just a moment and then, disappears with no sign anything has been exported.  Does anyone know a way to get this to work?  Thanks.

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Hi, I got the same situation as well, U can export it. Here is the way.

when u click 'export to PDF ', Don't touch anything but just wait, for a long long long long long long long time.

The new penultimate will pop up a window with 'open with' option.

I guess the evernote team just tested on the one-page notebook but 100-page notebook.

They did not realized how many pages we could have in one notebook.

Wish it helps!


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Hello. I have a 92 page notebook of grief drawings; I tried to export... waiting "along" time however as I wait; about 3 minutes the screen goes back to when I first open up penultimate. Looks like nothing took place. Never locating an the exported PDF. Any input or help. I really need to get those drawings to a place where I can at least print them.\

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Walling, if Ryan's answer doesn't help you, you can try the workaround that I used.  There is a service called Cloud HQ (cloudhq.net) that syncs data between cloud services.  You can use it to save notebooks from Evernote to a pdf in Google Drive (which you can get a free account for if you don't have one).  The service isn't free, but there is a free trial.

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