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All wrecked by new version!


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Dear folks,

I´m a Penultimate user since day one, had bought all the papers, long time before Evernote came in sight. Your new "update" has rendered some thousand pages of notebooks into a total scrap! Is there anybody who has any knowledge how people has used this application? In fact my iPad lies beside me in horizontal direction and I take notes for a single theme on one page, let´s say fixing a broken computer there are IPs, Serial numbers, hotline numbers may be a a RMA, all on one page to be seen at a single glance and on the next page another page another topic. Every single notebook is a single project or customer. That´s how I work with Penultimate.

Let´s what we´ve got now

- Could I identify a notebook with one look? No - you show the last written page and after a trip to the prefs the name of the notebook in small letters. The old way was just perfect

- Did old notebooks import well? No, all you can see is around 40%-50% from the content from the old pages, you have to scroll to see the rest. But stop, it´s not that easy: because your new "concept" only can write in portrait mode older notes created in landscape mode are showing the end of the note and you have to scroll along with two fingers to see the beginning and so on - I can´t tell you how pleased I am while I try that today to make any sence out of my notes taken on wendsday to integrate the servers at a customer location (See screenshot). Oh and what I´ve nearly forgotten: ever tried to take a look on a network plan which filed a complete page?

Man, I feel like I´m part of one of those Monty Phython scetches when they say "And now something completley different!".

If you want to make changes like this to an app you may also add a new version out of it so people can give it a try. I did it and all I can say is: for such a type of application I use WritePad, I don´t want Penultimate with Evernote because I use Evernote in a completly other way and I don´t want to mix them up.

Oh, and restoring my old purchases also failed...


Thanks for steeling my time,




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