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On mobile - PLEASE give me an option to get rid of tips

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I'm a knowledgeable evernote user. I have a premium account & yet evernote insists on giving me tips about how to use evernote. It has never yet given me a tip I didn't already know about. On a small phone screen, this is quite annoying. So give me an option to turn those tips OFF please. I did like the option to click through to updates from evernote. However, they didn't interfere with my use of the app. Recently, for instance, that great looking bag. I won't be buying it, but I didn't mind seeing it. I do mind getting reminded to do things I already do. Don't get me wrong - I would not want the bag-add in my main evernote app either. I go there for my notes. 


(on android, Samsung Galaxy S4). 

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