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(Archived) Downloaded 1.1B5, still DROID problems!!! :-(


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So I just downloaded 1.1B5.

First note is I had to uninstall 1.1B2, it would not replace it. Once I uninstalled 1.1B2, installing 1.1B5 went fine.

What I use Evernote most for on my mobile is Snapshot notes. So here's the play by play on my DROID:

1. Open app.

2. Tap "Snapshot."

3. Camera starts (but still looks like the "old" Android camera app, not the 2.0/DROID one).

4. Tapping on the little camera icon on the screen seems to take a pic (the pic shows on screen) but nothing else happens. Except for the times when my device randomly started playing music. So we have two branches here:

a. Started playing music. Pressing the back button resulted in me going directly to the home screen. I had to go to the notification bar to stop the music from inside TuneWiki.

b. Nothing happened. Pressing back took me to the Evernote home screen.

5. Using the camera button results in the same behavior (which is better than 1.1B2, where it did nothing).

Are other DROID users having the same issues?

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Thanks for the link, I just downloaded the update as well. Was able to start the program and upload a couple notes.

I'm sure I'll be a fan! (really no auto-updates for the beta for Droid? - I found this link somewhat by accident after downloading the main version.

Thanks again.

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I'm a new evernote user and just installed the droid app, very nice.

FYI that View Source from the Note Info doesn't seem to display the URL from a previous web clipping. It would also be nice if you could click on the View Source / Link within the Droid app and view the original web page that I had clipped it from.

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