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Business Nested Tags


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Hi All,

Has anyone seen any up to date information about 'Nested Tags' in Business?

Searching the forum, I cannot see any news. But with the move towards Business users, I would have thought this to be among the many priorities.

Would certainly allow me to clean up a bit if we had it.



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Our company recently signed up for Business and one of my strongest arguments was that I thought that nested tags would work as it does for the personal notebooks.

Do you have any list of features that I can go to and vote up this request? The list of tags is growing fast... and we need to get some order in that mess.

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I would also like to suggest that Business Tags are separated from Personal Tags in Evernote (Windows version). 

Seeing both personal and Business tags in one huge list is really counterproductive. And the suffix (_company_name_in_parenthesis) after each tag affects readability.
We will probably use tags for finding our notes 90% of the time since people will not know what to search for most of the time.

It should also be possible to administrate the nested tags from the Admin console.

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One up for this request. One of the great things about Evernote is its ubiquity-it is available across all platforms . However one of the not so great things is that you can never assume :


1) that a feature that you depend on that is available in one account type is also available in another

2)that a feature that you depend on that is available on one client is also available in another

3) that a feature in any platform will continue to be available come the next update.


Ok this could be said for any software or software as a service which is being updated, but with Evernote there is this element of randomness and lack of continuity that makes for a very confusing and frustrating user experience.


The inability to stack/nest business tags is an example of 1). For example, you just assume that you will be able to stack tags in Evernote business, just as you can do in Evernote free/Premium. Nope. This was brought up over 18 months ago, but nothing has changed.


(This is off-topic, but I'll just throw in a few more examples of the other two:

2)-Android does not support Business stacks (again, brought up in the forums more than 18 months ago)

3) "Hide Unassigned Tags" and "Thumbnail View" were both removed in version 5 for no obvious reason.)


1) leads to a sense that you have been duped since there is no trial period. You have already shelled out the monthly or annual fee for Evernote business, only to find that tags cannot be stacked. Imagine the mess- up to 100,000 business tags without nesting.


2 & 3) leads to a feeling of uncertainty- to get the most out of Evernote, you really have to jump in with both feet, and put everything in it but what if the tools that you most rely on to view 'everything' are randomly modified or taken away?


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I would like to add to this post that the information about nested tags in a personal notebook doesn't transfer, when you share the notebook with your partners. Even worse, you cannot nest tags, which you haven't created within your own personal notebook.


Could someone from EverNote respond to this?


Is there a fix planned?





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