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Opening PDF attachments in joined notebooks

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I noticed tonight that I am unable to use an Android device to open PDF attachments in a notebook shared with me by my wife.  For what it's worth, we're both currently free users.  I have no difficulty opening the same attachments in Evernote for Windows or Evernote Web.  Is this by design (or a limitation of being a free user)?  Or is it a bug?  Just a fluke with my account or devices?


I've noticed that JPGs attached to notes in the shared notebook can be viewed with no problem.  I can also open a note in the shared notebook on my phone and choose to download PDF attachments, saving them on my phone, and then I can open the PDF.  It's a workaround, but I suppose it works.


Any insights appreciated.  Thanks.

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On mine some pdf files will open and some will not. This is only on my own account and files. The same pdf file will open fine if I manually put it on my phone so it has to have something to do with the app. I cleared all data and resynced and still some won't open. I don't remember this happening before so I have a feeling it's got something to do with an update. Of course other than this forum we free users have no support.

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Of course other than this forum we free users have no support.


In fairness to Evernote, I have received responses to trouble tickets, but I was holding off on sending one until I could see if others were having this same issue or if I'm just doing something wrong or misunderstanding the service offered to me.

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For any who are interested, I did finally follow up with Evernote support on this issue in the last couple of days, and the official position is that - as of the last Evernote update - Skitch is the PDF handler for files attached to Evernote notes.  And indeed, I am able to use Skitch to open PDFs in notebooks shared with me by my wife, though Android still gives me the choice of all PDF-capable apps on my device when I try to view a PDF.


Personal opinion aside, my experience is somewhat more nuanced.  I'm able to open PDFs in my own notes with any PDF handler on my phone/tablet, while PDFs in notebooks shared by my wife require me to use Skitch.  Maybe that's because Evernote hasn't finished the job of requiring Skitch for all PDFs, or maybe not, but I'm in no rush to be forced to use Skitch in all cases.


That said, my personal opinion is that it only serves to alienate users if EN is going to require us to use a specific PDF handler, unless there's a clear benefit to doing so.  Perhaps for editing there is a case to be made, but strictly in terms of needing a PDF viewer (and EN does ask whether you plan to view or edit the PDF), I don't see how Skitch is any better than other apps that I already have.  No justification for the Skitch requirement was provided, though I've asked for more information, including whether this was announced in a changelog or elsewhere and I just missed it.

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