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Conflicting modification on...

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I have the Evernote app on my Mac and my iPhone, but I rarely use my iPhone to make any updates.

Recently I had been constantly updating a note on my Mac, and seeing my changes over a few days.

Yesterday I happened to sign into Evernote from my new iPhone and I just viewed a couple of other notes.

Today when trying to access the note on my Mac again, all I see is a very old version of the note followed by a line "Conflicting modification on" and nothing after that.

I've always had network connection when working on my Mac and there was no reason why the latest version of my note did not sync to the servers. Nor have I updated that particular note from any other device or the web.

I read on some forums that I should have some Conflicting notebook, which contains the conflicted note, but I see no sign of that.

Are my latest updates lost forever??


-Very disgruntled user

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