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HELP DISASTER! ALL of my notes are deleted!


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Hi!  First, take a deep breath, and don't do anything rash!   ;)


Second, we need to know exactly which platform/device, OS ver, and EN ver you are having the problem with.

Third, on your PC, go to Evernote.com, and sign in to see if all of your Notes are there.  The EN Web cilent connects directly with the Evernote Cloud Service, so it should show you all Notes that have been sync'd.


Then come back here, provide us with a much detail as possible, and we'll try to help more.

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Ok I had the same problem on my ipad - the notes show up on evernote.com, but how do I make them sync with my ipad now?


First, make sure you are signed in the Evernote app on your iPad with the same account/email that you use on the Web.


If you Notes still don't sync/show on the iPad, then try a reinstall of the EN app on the iPad.

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