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Syncing Mac desktop to Android mobile

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I have an evernote account on my mac desktop computer and one on my android phone and I synced them  yesterday but the info like notebook names, are still different on each and i want everything on my computer and android to be identical and under just one account.   How do I consolidate ALL my info so that it all is identical and SYNCED between the two accounts and how do I just get ONE ACCOUNT that is linked between the two devices ?

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If you have two separate accounts (different user name/password pairs) then that's probably not what you want. Usually you'd want a single account, and you then just sign in with the same user name and password on all of your devices. 


If you have two separate accounts, and want to consolidate them, then you'll need to take steps to move all of the notes from one account to the other, and then you'd delete the old account. One way to move notes between accounts is to use shared notebooks: share the notebooks from the account that you want to delete with the account that you want to move to, and then you can move or copy (I'd recommend copying) notes from the shared notebooks into the proper destination notebooks.

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