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Handwritten notes with Livescribe 3 poorly indexed

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Hi. I have been using a Livescribe 3 for a few months. The app sends automatically everything I write or draw to my Evernote account. It works really well ! The only thing with which I am still struggling is Evernote's OCR. Evernote recognizes a lot of my words, but very few proper nouns, and apparently no complete expressions... As a result, so far, impossible to retrieve a note via a codename or a project name... The results on the Livescribe app are much much more relevant... Does anyone know if it is possible to parameter Livescribe and/or Evernote in order to get better results when searching handwritten notes on Evernote ?





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Thank you very much Dario,

My send setting is already on PNG. OCR "works", but not enough for a really professional use.

For example, I would like simply to retrieve all the pages with the name of a certain client. 

I can do that very quickly with Livescribe+, but I only get the snippets... And Evernote does not seem to index any proper noun...

Would be great to be able to do that ! 



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