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Evernote windows desktop app won't search Korean characters


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Hi everyone, and dev team.


I am finding odd bug on Windows desktop App.


I read/write korean, and have some notes (scrapped, self made) notes that is written in Korean language (not photo, but actual characters).


I had no problem searching them before, on any platform, however not sure since when, but having trouble searching for korean characters.

the search results in zero findings.


however, i still can search for all my notes properly on web app + android app + ipad app.


so i am assuming this is localized problem with windows desktop app.


Can DEV look into this? or anybody else having this problem?



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Has your Windows client reindexed recently? It would have given you a popup dialog.


You can contact customer support and they should be able to walk you through the process of manually getting your Evernote Windows client to reindex. That should hopefully fix your issue.

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Hi thanks for the reply, sorry i did not get any notification there was a response, new to the forum ; )


hmm i am currently on free membership, and am finding quite hard to contact support directly, hence why i am on the forums.


tried searching online and enabled DEBUG menu, but found they have removed re-indexing.


will try contacting support, but was wondering if this is a known bug, or just somethign i am experiencing.


THanks ; )

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