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Where is... ? :(


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Where is the export (page) functionality? where can we navigate through the pages of a book? How can we move notes to another book?


is this your update? LOL!!!! without the market pushing you to update, you give us this, really? my god! we hate it,


You now need a real update, urgently, recover the missed functionalities


Fix this terrible update!


:angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:  :angry:

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Agree with all the expressed sentiments.

I am truly surprised at the direction being taken.

Significantly the EN branded JotScript does not perform satisfactorily with the update ( no change really ) and no attemp has been made to accomdate other smart pens such as Livescribe

In the meantime other note taking apps seem to be gaining the ascendency and also have reasonable sync options with Evernote.

I am really disappointed with the state of this app.

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