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You must be kidding!


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i too don't like to give negative feedback as another respondent wrote, but this update compelled me to express my reaction. penultimate was my go-to handwriting app. Version 5 was genius. I don't know why all the handwriting products didn't adopt the drift feature. I loved it, and I could have cried when I saw that it was changed so much. The drift stops before the end of the page, and the box jumps around. For a leftie, the return icon is in the wrong place, I also liked the zoom feature as it made my writing look better. And I could see the whole page and then zoom in on an area. Now I can't. You also took away the notebook covers. I hate the confusing look of my handwriting on various pages instead of the neat, clear appearance of the covers. I liked the notebook idea with pages that you could turn. Now, I can't find most of my writing! And where are the page sorters? You had a great system for organizing pages. I don't really care about other papers and being able to write in landscape mode. I don't care about searching my handwriting because evernote does that. Now Penultimate is like all the other handwriting apps that don't quite work right. So what am I going to do? I can't uninstall it. And there isn't a reason for me to keep using your app. Sometime it ain't broke and it doesn't need fixing. Change it back......please!

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