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Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.


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I loved the old interface. Now I have multi-page books turned into notes that only display one page, and no clue how to get to what were previously on other pages. Loved the old feature that drifted as I wrote, but now I have to start/stop the scrolling. The edit featues are far clumsier. Loved simplicity of just zooming in and writing instead of the little box that appears with separate write area at bottom.


I generally am very positive and like new versions but this update is absolute garbage. I used Penultimate specifically because it was not like all the competitors, and *liked* the "moleskine" look.


Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. And very annoyed at the nasty surprize. Would have been better to present this as an alternative application instead of messing everything up.


Hugely disappointed in Evernote's apparent disregard for users. Apparently you didn't know why people loved the old Penultimate.

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I am at a business meeting tonight, on digital assets and estate planning, only to find myself frustrated trying to take notes. All interface icons missing and no way to add any additional pages. So frustrating. Bring back the old or create a tutorial for new version.

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I agree. I hate it too. Not only is the new interface less intuitive, now my pen does not calibrate to the ipad and it is virtually impossible to take notes. And there is no help. I am ready to abandon evernote. Since evernote bought penultimate things have gone downhill so fast and so much. 


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