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How to get OCR'd scanned notes from Scansnap direct to local notebook

Robin Prospect

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I am trying to get scanned documents in searchable PDF format from Scansnap directly into an Evernote local inbox notebook. This needs to be local as the documents are highly confidential and I cannot run the risk of someone hacking into them on the cloud, even if I only leave them in a sync'd notebook for a few hours, before I move them into their local noteook destination.

I cannot seem to discover the correct pathway to get documents directly into a local notebook. Every time I send the documents to Evernote, they end up in a sync'd default notebook since I cannot make a local notebook a default notebook.

Can anyone please help me? I am a free user but I would be quite happy to upgrade to premium if this would help.

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Hi - sorry for the long delay in responding to this.  If you still have the problem,  I'd suggest using an Import Folder.  Scan to your desktop,  and use a file manager like Belvedere or AHK to move the completed scans into an Import Folder.  You don't say whether you're Windows or Mac,  so the generic information is given below...


Tools > Import Folders will create or nominate a folder on a Windows desktop hard drive as an Import Folder.  Choose (or create) the folder and decide which notebook will receive the notes,  and whether to keep or delete the files after import.  If you're importing a batch of files I'd suggest you create a new notebook so you can easily batch delete notes and try again if necessary.  
If it's a lot of notes,  you might make that an local notebook initially too,  and transfer files into synced notebooks at the end of your upload limit month so's not to use up your limit in one hit.
Any file dropped in here will be imported into the Evernote notebook you specified during setup.  (You can have several Import Folders if necessary,  serving different notebooks).
Mac users
There's no official 'import folder' function in the Mac client yet,  but various script options are available,  including this one - http://veritrope.com/evernote-desktop-folder/  
Tips on Import Folders
Windows Import folders can scan ONE sub-level,  so importing files from a classic multi-level folder structure is not feasible.  It's necessary to convert that structure to a single folder level before moving files into an Import Folder.
Don't have your scanner settings pointed directly to this folder.  Scanning takes a few seconds at best,  and Evernote will probably try to import the file before it's complete,  which will confuse both it and the scanner.  To avoid confusion,  scan to another folder and use applications like Auto Hot Key AHK or belvedere to move files into the import folder once scanning - plus any additional editing or renaming - is complete
It's best to clear files out of an Import folder once Evernote has imported them.  Once a file has been imported,  there's no reason to keep another copy on your hard drive - you might edit that one by mistake when you intend to edit the original file now attached to a note.  Also it might in some cases cause problems.  If you need to store files as backups for some reason,  better to that in a different folder.  If you want to move files around automatically,  use applications like AHK or Belvedere.
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