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Persistent Sync with Noteshelf and Evernote


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Hi All, I am new to the forum. After years of trying to organize myself with various tools I decided I really want to embrace evernote, but am having trouble with one particular issue.


Here is are my usecases:

  1. Business meetings: Use Noteshelf for handwritten notes and technical drawings
  2. Telephone calls: Possibly noteshelf or just type into evernote
  3. General Web Research: Evernote webclipper
  4. Important emails & Documents: Email into evernote

For an organized view in evernote I will group notes/webclips/emailed content into an evernote notebook naed for each individual customer. So anything relevant to customer "A" ends up in the "customer A" notebook, etc.


Within noteshelf I have notebook defined for each customer. Each notebook continues to grow each time I speak with that customer. so I have a single continuous notebook that contains all handwritten notes for each individual customer. Noteshelf has an excellent sync feature that persistently exports selected notebooks up to evernote when a notebook has been modified.


My Problem: When noteshelf exports notebooks into evernote it appears as a single evernote notebook, comprised of notes, with each note actually being an exported noteshelf notebook.  I can then drag each note to the respective evernote notebook it belongs in and all is right with the world. HOWEVER... the next time noteshelf syncs it removes the dragged note and puts it back into the noteshelf notebook thereby removing it from the evernote notebook.


So, simply put, I am looking for a way to persistently link exported (and continuously synced) noteshelf notebooks to an evernote notebook or stack


Thanks in advance for any wisdom you can offer

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I am not experiencing this. I have a Noteshelf notebook called "planner 2014-12", which I sync with Evernote. When I first created it, it showed up as a note in the 'Noteshelf" notebook in EN. I moved it to my "planner" notebook in EN, and since then all my changes have shown up in "planner". It does NOT move back to the "Noteshelf " notebook as you describe. I have two other EN- synced notebooks in Noteshelf which are similarly well-behaved. I did nothing in particular to achieve this other than what I've described.

I agree with Gazumped that Noteshelf support may be helpful. But were I experiencing your problem, I would take these steps (backup and reinstall):

1. I would turn off Evernote sync for all Noteshelf notebooks.

2. I would run an AirTransfer backup of all my Noteshelf notebooks.

3. I would delete the Evernote copies of my synced Noteshelf notebooks. I'd also delete the Noteshelf EN notebook.

4. I would uninstall Noteshelf from my IPad. Now, both EN and my iPad are in the state they were before Noteshelf entered my life.

5. I would re-install Noteshelf from the App Store, and restore my purchases to get Evernote sync back.

6. I would restore my notebooks in Noteshelf via AirTransfer from my PC.

7. Finally, I'd turn Evernote sync back on, one notebook at a time. For each Noteshelf notebook, I'd try moving the note in EN and see what happens.

Drastic? Yes. But first, it preserves all data. And after I did that, I would be confident that I had both the latest Noteshelf and its latest syncing module. If the problem persisted, I could go to Noteshelf support knowing that I had already taken the most common action recommended by tech support everywhere, and we could get on with tracking the bug.

Hmm. I might also uninstall and reinstall EN after deleting the Noteshelf stuff. Just in case. But then, I'm paranoid about software from different development teams interacting.

(And yes, I am a retired software developer and SQA engineer.)

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