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Japanese default font for Windows looks bad


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I am trying to use Evenote with some Japanese text and I've noticed that kanji look terrible in whatever the Windows version of Evernote uses as default font for Japanese.

For example look at this in the browser:

And now in Evernote:


This is how the text looks when I copy paste it from the browser. Or if I create a note on the phone, type, sync and open in Windows.

First of all, I think hiragana and kanji use different fonts as default, so の has different thickness from everything else. Second, the left part of 絵 uses a completely different primitive from the standard. And third, subjectively is just looks worse.


I think it's obvious that the default should be changed.

It also would be pretty damn useful if Evernote told you what font it uses. Now it just marks everything as Tahoma. I think it is SimSun actually, but only for kanji, hiragana is something else.

Oh, and the picker for fonts is very unwieldy. It took me a while to even find a font that works (basically I had to check what MS Word uses and that turned out to be MS ゴシック) and after that finding the same font in the list takes time. IMHO It would usefull if that list put some favourites or recently used fonts at the top and started from there.

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Yeah. I've seen people complain on the Internet about the Evernote font for Windows. I am on Mac, so I can't comment directly on it, but it does seem that Tahoma is the default font and it doesn't handle Japanese very well by choosing odd renderings from some other font set, I guess. The solution is to change the default font in your settings. I believe it is Tool -> Options -> Note Font.

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Thanks for telling me about the options. Changing the default font for the whole application is not ideal, though. I like the look of kanji in MS ゴシック, but English text looks bad in it. So I wouldn't want everything to be in MS ゴシック by default.

Would be better if the developers fixed the problem with Tahoma and other non-Japanese fonts so that Evernote does not allow selecting them with Japanese text and selects something else the way Word does.

The strange thing is, there is no such problem with note headers. You can not change the font of the header, but, whatever it is, の絵 looks alright in it. So it looks more like a bug for the main text body than a Windows problem.

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