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Phil Moore

How serious do EN take EN Business?

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I had a question...


How serious do Evernote take Evernote Business?


So I went to the forum to see what the hive of activity was in the EN Business section.  


Most recent post about 5 star escort girls.


I think this might go some ways to answering my question.

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Hi Phil,


Please don't judge Evernote by the dreadful spam we have been getting. This is proving to be more and more difficult to manage and recently the moderator removal tools have become somewhat restrictive. Evernote are aware of this and doing their best to sort it out. But do remember in all of this that the forum is a user tool, rather than a statement of Evernote's ability.


Evernote are leaning more towards the Business side of the software, so in answer to your question, very seriously.


Best regards



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The Evernote for Business forum gets far less spam than the main forum. I wouldn't be drawing any serious conclusions about Evernote's feelings about business based on a bit of spam here.

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