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Help! Evernote Clipper on Mac hates me


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So, here's my problem - 


When using web clipper on my iPad or iPhone, no problem, I can open the web clipper app and then copy the page. When the clipped content transfers to evernote it has saved a note of the whole website page, ignoring page breaks, complete with a hyperlink that goes to the URL. 


On my mac, the clipper icon on the web browser toolbar seems only give me three options - full page, rectangle or window, and audio. Firstly, this is different to the video on the evernote website. Do I have an old version? It hasn't prompted me to update, and my evernote is the latest version. 


Secondly, audio aside, the other two options only allow me to clip what's visible on my computer's window. Neither capture the whole webpage and the rectangle/window function (i.e. the crop) doesn't allow me to grab anything below the page break. Neither automatically link the note on evernote to the webpages URL as seems to be automatic on iPad/iphone. 


This is uber frustrating. In fact, I usually don;t bother clipping on the mac at all. 



Any ideas?


Cheers Evernote Gurus!

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