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Feature Request: Capture pics on phone while editing on desktop

Jesse Orloff


I'm sitting in a conference session using Evernote on my Mac, because it is much easier to type than on my Android phone or iPad.  I realize that I really want to take a picture of a slide.  In order to do this, I have to first hit sync on my Mac Client, pull out my android and sync there, find the note, click edit on the note, find the spot I want to insert the photo, take photo, save, sync on android, sync on mac, and then I can continue working.


It would be EXCELLENT if you could, from your desktop or web client, put cursor where you want an image and click a button to say "capture picture on mobile device", then when you open up Evernote on a mobile device it notifies you that you are requesting a picture and ask if you want to take it, then you take it, and it auto syncs back to your desktop.


That would be cool!


If this already exists, please let me know how and where.




Jesse Orloff

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I'm not sure about Android phones, but I'm pretty sure I have seen iPhone apps that let you use the iPhone camera as if it were attached to your Mac.  If that works, then you could just take the snapshot from EN Mac.


If that doesn't work, and you need to do this a lot, then it might be worth buying a standalone camera (just the lens part) to attach to your Mac.


If you find something that works, please post back here.  I'd be very interested in something like this myself.

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Just wanted to update this thread.  I just noticed that Ebay currently has the exact feature I described here.  When you are creating a listing on desktop, you can choose to add a picture from your mobile device.  Once you do that, it then sends a push message to the ebay app on your mobile devices and you can pick it up, snap some pictures, it uploads immediately, and then you can carry on on the desktop.  It was really cool, and I think evernote would benefit from having the exact same feature.

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