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Suggestion: Spell check should recognize and skip web links (URL)


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I'm going through and spell-checking a large number of notes, and I find it annoying that the spell checker gets stuck and tries to correct multiple fragments of URL web links. It really slows down the process of spell-checking your notes. Please make the spell checker ignore URLs!


Example: I have a note with the follwing link pasted into it: 




The spell checker stops six times to try and correct portions of the link.


For notes with many URLs included it becomes a rather frustrating experience to click cancel multiple times to ignore the URL corrections.

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Another things that could be improved with the spell checker is for it to recognise date stamps. I often put the time in my notes, and the stupid spell checker tries to correct text like "11:14:59". Please make the spell checker smarter about non-next elements of notes.

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