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Evernote Business Notebook Sharing - Can it be automatic



A few of us at work are piloting evernote business and one of the things we can't figure out (I've tried to search in forum) is the sharing:


It seems like any new business notebook should be automatically shared with everyone else on the business account, why do I have to manually share?


So, because I have to manually share, each time I create a business notebook, when I click publish it, it says "People at [my company] can view, but they can't, I then have to invite people to see the notebook even though I've already published and even though per my earlier point it should just automatically be there


Finally, if I have to go through these steps to share a business notebook, what is the benefit of creating a business notebook vs just sharing my private notebooks with the same people and giving them editing capability? (I get that if I leave, my notebooks leave with me, but in this case I'm just focused on the sharing)




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