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Problems with Screenshots


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Long time user. I have a game that I play (Magic the Gathering Online) that I used to be able to take screenshots/clips of no problem. Recently, whenever I hit the hotkey pulling up the crosshairs to make a clip, that program immediately vanishes from my screen, rendering it impossible to get a clip of. Does anyone have any ideas what might have changed or how I could revert it? I've confirmed that this still works as normal on a friend's computer but beyond that am unable to localize the issue. Thanks!

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Hopeful bump.

Hi. Please don't bump your own thread, it's against the forum rules. (Especially since it's only been a few days.) If and when someone has an answer they will get back to you. Remember, this is a user forum and we are all just other users who come in and help as we can.

Also, wish I could help but I haven't got a clue what the problem might be.

Cheers. ☺

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Hi Wordsgood,


Not sure the OP has broken the rules yet!


5. Don’t overdo it.
Try to refrain from double posting, topic bumping or spamming the forum with copied/repeated posts. Flagrant abuse will get you a warning, then a temporary ban if you keep it up.


They are just trying to get an answer and have bumped once five days later! I get the frustration of not hearing anything.



As to the OP's question.


I too am experiencing a problem but not all the time. Sometimes when I try to screen capture with Skitch, both my monitors zoom in and trying to capture the exact part of the page is frustrating if not impossible. I had assumed this was more to do with the settings on my Microsoft Surface Pro 3, rather than a fault with Skitch.


Best regards




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