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Well, the process is simple: you meet a person, exchange business cards, and days or weeks later if there is interest, you connect to each other in LinkedIn. In the meantime, you have scanned already the business card, and there is no option to sync the scanned card with the contact in LinkedIn. Today this only happens when at the scanning process. So, simple question: could we have the syncing option with a button on top of the scanned card?

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When you scan a card, we immediately look up the person via their email on LinkedIn.  If we didn't find the person, either we mis-recognized the email address (i.e. there may be a typo in the address)  OR they have a profile under a different address OR the person does not have a LinkedIn profile.


I always double check the email address on the review screen.  If there is a typo, correct it and the app will redo the search on LinkedIn and hopefully find someone.  


If we did find a match on LinkedIn when you scanned the card, the resulting note will have buttons to view the person's profile and connect on LinkedIn if you haven't already so you don't need to perform these actions at scanning time.

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It is today that inbound that if your new contact's business card has a LinkedIn account, then it finds it, as long of course the email address on the card matches to that registered in LinkedIn.



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