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Notes show up in search results which don't contain the keyword

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I did a search for a specific word (searching the entire note not just a tag), and one note pops up which does not contain the search word and has nothing to do with the topic.  I thought maybe the word was buried in the text and I was just missing it, so I copied the note to Word and used the Find function.  Word can't find the search term I am using.


Why would a note randomly come up in a search when it does not contain the word I am searching for?

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Does the note have an image or an icon inside the note?

The optical character recognition might be interpreting part of an image as a word.

It happens frequently with my notes.

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Removing the image is one solution.


If it is a problem and you want to keep the image, you can tag the notes.

Then run a search to suppress those notes.


I used to do this with maps. I used the tag X

To avoid the maps turning up with false search results, I added the search term -tag:x to my search

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